A Deeper Dive into Understanding the Effect of Neck Posture

Last updated on September 8, 2023

Neck posture is extremely important and tells you a lot about your health.


So, quick analysis. Take a look closely at your posture, what do you see?

Normal and healthy good posture you should see from the side on view that your Ear is directly over your Shoulder. 


Noticing that they don’t align or you are starting to develop a growing bump in your lower neck?

This isn’t normal and usually is the first sign that there is an underlying issue going on in your spine.

Let's Understand Exactly What This Means?

Well every centimetre your head goes forward in front of your shoulders your head literally doubles in weight on your spine. CRAZY RIGHT!


So now what I want you to do is take a shopping bag and hold it out in front of you for 30 seconds. What do you notice? Your shoulder starts to ache right? Shoulder gets heavier and heavier to a point where you can’t hold the shopping bag any more.


Think about it, this is the exact same thing that is going on in your Neck constantly. 

So much pressure builds up and your muscles and ligaments start telling you it’s struggling to keep your head up.

Which Sign Does Your Body Give You?

  • Increased stiffness in your muscles

  • Reduced range of movement

  • Joint pain with increased inflammation

  • Nerve pain; numbness or pins and needles

  • Headaches


All these signs are your body’s intelligent way of letting you know something is wrong.

What Can You Do To Help With Your Neck Pain & Neck Posture?

Come and find out exactly what is going on and causing your forward head posture with the team at Ripple Chiropractic. Getting a thorough analysis done and getting to the core reason of your pain is the key to a healthy Neck long term. 


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