Dr. Mia Maginness

Dr. Mia Maginness

Meet Dr.Mia! Our dedicated Chiropractor at Ripple Chiropractic. 

A graduate of RMIT in Melbourne, Dr.Mia’s journey has taken her across the globe, travelling and working in many parts of the world with the majority of her time overseas spent in the Canadian snow fields.

Dr.Mia comes from an extended family of Chiropractors; her father, uncles and cousins are all Chiropractors which has given her first-hand experience to the wonderful benefits of Chiropractic since her birth. 

This lifelong exposure ignited her passion for a holistic and natural approach to healthcare.

Dr.Mia takes joy in working with patients of all ages, from newborns to the elderly.

Her personal experiences have reinforced her knowledge of the many benefits Chiropractic can offer, and she is dedicated to sharing this with all her patients.

Mia loves playing tennis, watching AFL and surfing in her spare time.

Dr. Mia is available for appointments at Ripple Chiropractic Cranbourne

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