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Dr Tom White

Dr. Tom White

Dr. Tom has a passion and commitment to provide high quality chiropractic services to people of all ages.

Having a background in running and triathlon, Tom practices what he preaches by living a healthy lifestyle. He understands the importance of staying physically active supported with great nutrition are some of the key pillars for optimal performance and health.

Tom decided to become a chiropractor after experiencing many sporting injuries as a young athlete. After going around in circles to find a solution, a visit to the local chiropractor got to the core of the problem. It was this allied health professional that helped make a remarkable change to his body after a period of treatment.

Tom learnt at a young age how the spine, nerves and muscles can be impacted by other areas of the body and is now able to provide that expertise and knowledge to the community today. 

Dr. Tom is available for appointments at Ripple Chiropractic Coomera

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