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Last updated on January 20, 2023

Millions of children in Australia have headed back to school this week with some to follow next week. While school is a fantastic place for children to learn and develop both mentally and socially it can have a toll on their physical, mental and emotional health and this ultimately impacts their spinal health and overall wellbeing. To eliminate any negative impacts on your child’s health we have come up with some essential tips that every child should be following while at school:

Back Packs:

  • Carry only necessary books – utilise lockers 
  • Straps tight so their backpack is in contact with the upper back
  • Always use both straps
  • Secure chest and waist straps
  • Limit the time wearing a backpack to less than 30 minutes


Kids spend the majority of their day at school sitting down so it’s very important to maintain good posture. General sitting guidelines:

  • Head in a neutral position 
  • Sitting up straight with their back supported
  • Elbows are close to their body with an angle of 90 -120 degrees
  • Knees at 90 degrees
  • Legs are not crossed
  • The feet are flat on the floor

Screen Time:

Screens, tablets, computers, mobile phones are regularly being used for learning purposes in schools these days. While technology has allowed us to make advancements and improvements in the way we learn and develop, like anything, too much of something can be a detriment. We recommend limiting recreational screen time to under 2 hours per day.


Food is the fuel for your body. It is important at any age to maintain a healthy diet. Maintaining a balanced, nutritious diet while limiting unhealthy processed foods is vital for a developing body and brain.


Participating in physical activity at school or at home is key to a child’s health and wellbeing. We recommend children get at least 60 minutes of exercise per day.

Chiropractic Care:

Children are resilient, however, their spine and neural network are constantly under stress. Think about the slips, falls, stagnant sitting, physical activity, the mental strain of learning, relationships etc. Kids Chiro Care is important to maintain your child’s spinal, neural and mental health and wellbeing. Our chiropractors will provide advice and assistance on getting back to school and how to maintain spinal health and overall wellbeing.

back to school

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