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Staying On Point

Last updated on August 18, 2023

Chiropractor, Educator & Athlete


When you’re on, you feel amazing. All the training, sweat and tears are repaid multiple times over. 

Some key components of performance we will look at today are 

  • Muscle strength and power

  • Agility, balance and reaction time

  • Injury prevention

  • Relationship of Dancing and Scoliosis

Your body is a masterpiece which is controlled and coordinated by your brain. The way your brain does this is by sending and receiving electrical impulses or messages along the nerves. These impulses must be in synchronization for you to feel great and function great.

Dancing & Scoliosis


Almost all sports require a strong stable core to perform well. A ground breaking study of 40 people, showed that there is an immediate increase in core strength following a Chiropractic adjustment. The average increase was measured at 21%!!

Agility, Balance, Power & Recreation Time


100 university students were tested before and after a series of Chiropractic sessions and tested against a control group. After the course, the chiropractic group had a 16.7% improvement in Agility, balance and power, and 18%improvement in reaction time. The control group showed just a 1% improvement.

Agility, Balance, Power & Recreation Time


A recent study of 59 semi-elite AFL players showed low back, hamstring and non-contact lower limb injuries occurred less when you are receiving Chiropractic care during the season. After all, you can’t achieve a PB if you are injured.


These results are truly remarkable. Many people love the benefits of Chiropractic care as it centres on allowing your body to perform in balance, harmony and your nerves to fire in synchronization.

Sadly, poor posture, whiplash injuries, knocks, bumps and falls can cause the spine to become misaligned. If you have a misalignment of the spine, this can cause poor firing patterns of the nerves. These misalignments are known as “Subluxations”. 


Thankfully, your Chiropractor at Ripple, Dr Brian Johnson has trained for more that 6200 hours at University to help you perform at your best.



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Qualified in CBP (Chiropractic Biophysics) Cervical Rehabilitation 

Accomplished Public speaker on Health, Wellness, Ancestral health (Movement, Diet, Mindset), Chiropractic and the Body Brain Connection

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