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  • Comprehensive History
  • Health Goal Setting
  • Orthopedic Exam
  • Neurological Exam
  • Biostructural Exam
  • 3D Posture Analysis
  • Range Of Motion Exam
  • Referral For Diagnostic Imaging
  • First Follow Up Treatment
Helena Annelise
Helena Annelise
All the chiropractors have been so helpful and their reception is friendly and personable! As someone who works 8 hours a day at a desk I am grateful to have them. Truly recommend Ripple if you are in search for a chiro to help your road to recovery. Thanks again!
Trevor Wyhoon
Trevor Wyhoon
Im normally not one to recommend, but this team is Fantastic!!!. They help you set goals for your care and lead you through them. Great results, cannot recommend them highly enough.
Laura Feddersen
Laura Feddersen
Ripple chiropractic is like no other I have experienced. The care is 10/10, the investigative work done to understand my issues was thorough. They educated me to understand how I got to this point and how we were going to correct it. I couldn't be happier at Ripple.
Melissa Parkinson
Melissa Parkinson
Highly recommend!! My family has been seeing Dr Aleks and the team at Ripple Chiropractic for many months now and we cannot be happier with the level of care and treatment we have received. We have all had amazing results and cannot thank Dr Aleks enough.

Our Bayside Chiropractic Services

Our advanced practice incorporates cutting-edge technology and diagnostic procedures, alongside gentle and effective chiropractic adjustments, to deliver patient-centred care.

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Assessment & Diagnosis

At Ripple Chiropractic, we prioritise understanding your unique story and conducting a comprehensive history. Through personalised treatment plans, including Assessment & Diagnosis, we work together to achieve your functional goals.

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Treatment & Therapy

Emphasising a holistic approach to whole-body wellness, our Bayside chiropractors utilise a range of techniques such as diversified, drop piece, activator, blocks, and soft tissue methods. This comprehensive Treatment & Therapy approach ensures long-term health and wellness.  

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Continued Care

We recognize the importance of ongoing care in the recovery process. By delving into the underlying cause of your condition, we provide tailored and effective treatment for optimal results.

What can you expect on your first visit to our Bayside clinic?

During your initial visit to our Bayside chiropractic clinic, you can expect:

  • Thorough assessment of your chief complaint, trauma, and medical history.
  • Goal setting for your health and well-being.
  • Orthopaedic, neurological, and biostructural examinations.
  • 3D posture analysis.
  • Evaluation of your range of motion.
  • Referral for diagnostic imaging if necessary and relevant.
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Our Bayside chiropractors take a holistic approach to chiropractic care, treating the whole body rather than focusing only on isolated issues.

Stop Living in Pain and Regain Your Freedom

What can we help with?

Our Bayside Chiropractic Clinic can help you with a range of different conditions, including:

  • Back and neck pain: Our therapies can help alleviate discomfort and promote healthy posture
  • Headaches and migraines: Chiropractic adjustments can help manage these conditions by targeting the root cause
  • Sciatica: Chiropractic care can alleviate pressure on the sciatic nerve, thereby reducing pain
  • Disc bulges and herniations: We can provide non-surgical options to help with these conditions
  • Sports injuries: Our chiropractors can assist with the treatment and prevention of various sports-related injuries
  • Posture problems: Through digital posture analysis and targeted therapies, we can help correct poor posture
  • General wellness: Beyond treating specific conditions, regular chiropractic care can improve overall health and well-being

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Why choose Ripple Chiropractic
as your chiro in Bayside?

At Ripple Chiro in Bayside we provide fully tailored treatment plans to address your specific needs and goals. Our state-of-the-art clinics are meticulously maintained, ensuring a modern and comfortable environment. With fully qualified licensed therapists who are highly experienced and certified in various therapy techniques, you can trust that you are in capable hands.

We also work closely with your other healthcare providers to ensure a comprehensive approach to your well-being. Our clinic prioritises safety and effectiveness, utilising techniques that yield the best possible outcomes. Experience the difference with our dedicated team and receive the chiropractic care you deserve.

Meet Our Bayside Chiropractor

Our Bayside Chiropractor, Dr Laura has completed a minimum 5-year university degree and is registered with the Australian health board AHPRA. All our chiropractors have completed extensive studies in; anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, radiology, psychology, chemistry, neurology, research and chiropractic. ​

Dr. Loretta Kelly

Dr. Loretta Kelly

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Dr. Ashley Cherrett

How to contact us

Below you can find the different ways of contacting us:

Visit our clinic

Shop 1/487 Highett Rd, Highett VIC 3190

Give us a call

(03) 8531 2100

Send us a Message

Opening Hours

  • Monday 3:00 PM – 7:30 PM
  • Tuesday 8:00 AM – 12 PM, 3:00 PM – 7:30 PM
  • Wednesday 3:00 PM – 7:30 PM
  • Thursday 8:00 AM – 12 PM, 3:00 PM – 7:30 PM
  • Friday CLOSED
  • Saturday CLOSED
  • Sunday CLOSED
How to schedule an appointment

No matter whether your condition was caused by a sporting incident, a work accident or otherwise, we welcome the chance to serve you. You can book your initial chiropractic service by giving us a call on (03) 9864 1819 or you can fill out our online booking form.


If you have any more questions regarding our Bayside Chiropractic clinic, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. In the meantime, check out our most frequently asked questions below which may provide the additional information you’re looking for.

No, chiropractic adjustments aren’t typically painful. Some discomfort may occur due to the body’s adjustment to realignment, but qualified practitioners aim for minimal discomfort.

Yes, chiropractic care is safe for the whole family, including children and seniors. Skilled chiropractors apply techniques adapted to each individual’s age, size, and health condition to ensure optimal health and safety.

The number of chiropractic care sessions needed varies based on individual health conditions. Frequent sessions may be required initially, with follow-ups for maintaining optimal health. This determination is typically made by the chiropractic practitioners during your assessment.

Health insurance coverage for chiropractic treatments varies. Many private health funds provide partial or full coverage for such treatments. It’s advisable to check with your health insurance provider to understand the benefits available to you.


Chiropractic care and remedial massage therapy both provide benefits to overall health care but focus on different areas. Chiropractors concentrate on the alignment of the spine, while remedial massage therapists work on muscle tension and circulation.

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Consultation + 1st Treatment

new patient offer

We are offering a special price for your consultation + 1st treatment which will include all of the following:

  • Comprehensive history including chief complaint, trauma and medical history.
  • Health goal setting
  • Orthopedic exam
  • Neurological Exam
  • Biostructural Exam
  • 3D posture analysis
  • Range of motion exam
  • Referral for diagnostic imaging if clinically appropriate
  • First follow up treatment

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