Nourishing Your Body So You Can Thrive Every Day

Last updated on January 20, 2023

New year = new you…? 

Each day is a great opportunity to put your health as your highest priority. However, beginning a new year is a great trigger to move forward with the mindset of getting healthier, being more active or even overcoming the holiday hangover. The best place to start is awareness, which area of your health is impacted the most by which actions? Look first at:

  • are you eating good foods and supplying your body with the right nutrients?
  • are you drinking enough water? 
  • are you sleeping to replenish and recover? 
  • are you moving your body and being as active as you could be?  

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When it comes to maintaining your energy levels throughout the day and getting the desired energy boost it is important to look at what you’re fueling your body with and the frequency:

  • plan smaller meals and incorporate snacks into your eating routine throughout the day 
  • eat with the intention of boosting your energy levels – consume foods with healthy sources of protein, fats and carbs for example – berries, salmon, lean meats, vegetables as well as nuts and whole grains. 
  • Avoid processed foods 
  • Look into adding supplementations to your daily routine. Add things like fish oils and probiotics which can assist your digestion and reduce the inflammation in your body. 
  • Add vinegar to your salad and eat this before carbs in a meal, this will help control the blood sugar spike throughout your meal and thereafter.


  • Look at your portion sizes and aim on 2-3 smaller meals per day and look at having a snack every few hours in between meals
  • Look at what you are eating for your meals (and as an extension the order in which you eat them) 
  • Make slow and gradual changes to ensure they are sustainable
  • Look for support from a healthcare professional


At the end of the day, this is one pillar of keeping your body healthy and functioning at its best. Overall health and wellbeing requires a holistic approach. Ensure you are looking after ALL areas of your health including getting adjusted so your body is functioning well in addition to well nourished.


Try it so you can feel better, think better, and be more motivated to see through those resolutions. If you have questions or just want some help coming up with a plan, give us a call or stop in and see us today!

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