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Helena Annelise
Helena Annelise
All the chiropractors have been so helpful and their reception is friendly and personable! As someone who works 8 hours a day at a desk I am grateful to have them. Truly recommend Ripple if you are in search for a chiro to help your road to recovery. Thanks again!
Trevor Wyhoon
Trevor Wyhoon
Im normally not one to recommend, but this team is Fantastic!!!. They help you set goals for your care and lead you through them. Great results, cannot recommend them highly enough.
Laura Feddersen
Laura Feddersen
Ripple chiropractic is like no other I have experienced. The care is 10/10, the investigative work done to understand my issues was thorough. They educated me to understand how I got to this point and how we were going to correct it. I couldn't be happier at Ripple.
Melissa Parkinson
Melissa Parkinson
Highly recommend!! My family has been seeing Dr Aleks and the team at Ripple Chiropractic for many months now and we cannot be happier with the level of care and treatment we have received. We have all had amazing results and cannot thank Dr Aleks enough.

Say Goodbye to Debilitating Headaches and Migraines: Experience the Benefits of Our Melbourne Chiropractic Care

Headaches and migraines are common problems for many people, and can significantly impact daily life. While there are several treatments available, chiropractic care has been found to be an effective option for some individuals.

Chiropractors focus on the relationship between the spine and the nervous system and can use manual adjustments and other techniques to help alleviate migraine and headache symptoms. Read on to find out more about our chiropractic migraine treatment and discover if it may be suitable for you.

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Assessment & Diagnosis

At Ripple Chiropractic, we hear your story and take a detailed history. To that end, we create an individualised treatment plan including Assessment & Diagnosis aimed at achieving the functional goals we set together.

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Treatment & Therapy

Treatment & Therapy forms an integral part of our holistic approach to treating the whole body, not just a complaint in isolation to ensure our patients experience long-term health and wellness. Our Frankston chiropractors utilise a variety of techniques including diversified, drop piece, activator, blocks, soft tissue, and more.   

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Continued Care

Continued Care is a crucial part of the recovery process, which is why we take the time to understand the root of your problem in order to provide the best and most effective treatment.

What causes migraine?

The exact cause of migraines is not fully understood, but it is believed to involve a complex interaction between genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors. Migraines may be triggered by a variety of factors, such as stress, certain foods or drinks, changes in sleep patterns, hormonal fluctuations, bright or flickering lights, and strong smells.

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The exact cause of migraines is still not fully understood, however, some researchers believe that migraines may be due to changes in the brainstem and its interaction with the trigeminal nerve, a major pain pathway.

What are the symptoms of a migraine?

Migraines are typically characterised by a throbbing or pulsing pain on one or both sides of the head. Other common symptoms include:

  • Sensitivity to light and sound
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Visual disturbances such as flashing lights or blind spots
  • Aura, which are temporary sensory or visual disturbances that can occur before or during a migraine attack
Stop Living in Pain and Regain Your Freedom

What are the common treatments for migraine?

There are several treatments available for migraines, and the choice of treatment will depend on the frequency and severity of the headaches, as well as the individual’s preferences and medical history. Here are some common treatments for migraines:

  • Over-the-counter pain relievers such as acetaminophen and ibuprofen can be effective for mild to moderate migraines
  • Prescription medications such as triptans and ergots are often used for more severe headaches
  • Preventive medications such as beta blockers can be prescribed to reduce the frequency and severity of migraine attacks
  • Non-pharmacological treatments such as relaxation techniques, acupuncture, and cognitive behavioural therapy can also be helpful for some individuals
  • Chiropractic care is another non-pharmacological treatment option that has been found to be effective for some individuals
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In need of migraine relief? We will carry out a thorough assessment to help discover the underlying cause of your headaches or migraine, which is the first step to an effective treatment plan.

Contact the team at Ripple Chiropractic if you’ve been suffering pain and are considering getting migraine or headache treatment in Melbourne. We may be able to help you return to your daily routine.

Chiropractic care for migraine treatment in Melbourne

Chiropractors can help with migraines and headaches by focusing on the relationship between the spine and the nervous system. By using manual adjustments (such as the Watson Headache ® Approach) and other techniques, chiropractors can help alleviate migraine symptoms by addressing misalignments in the spine and reducing tension in the muscles:

Manual therapy adjustments

Chiropractors can use their hands or a small instrument to apply a controlled force to specific areas of the spine, which can help improve spinal function and reduce tension in the muscles.

Spinal manipulation

This technique involves applying a high-velocity, low-amplitude thrust to a specific area of the spine to restore range of motion and reduce nerve irritability.

Soft tissue therapy

Chiropractors can use various techniques such as massage, trigger point therapy, and stretching to help reduce tension in the muscles and improve circulation.

Lifestyle advice

Chiropractors can provide advice on posture, ergonomics, exercise, and nutrition to help manage migraines and reduce the risk of future headaches.

Why choose us for your migraine
treatment in Melbourne?

We are committed as primary healthcare professionals to helping you resume your lifelong pursuit of health, fitness, and well-being. We believe that a well-functioning spine and nervous system are essential for optimal health. Although most of our patients start with us because they are in pain, they stay for the results they get and the new improved quality of life they now have.

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You will receive a full individualized treatment

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Our clinics are maintained to the highest standards.

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Your treatment will be performed by only licensed therapists

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We will work closely with all your health practitioners

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Safe and effective techniques for the best possible outcomes.

How to schedule an appointment for
migraine treatment in Melbourne

If you’re looking for migraine treatment in Melbourne you can book your initial chiropractic consultation by giving us a call on (03) 9864 1819 or you can fill out our online booking form.


If you have any more questions about migraine treatment in Melbourne, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. In the meantime, check out our most frequently asked questions below which may provide the additional information you’re looking for.

Yes, a chiropractor can treat migraines by focusing on the relationship between the spine and the nervous system. Chiropractors use manual adjustments and other techniques to address misalignments in the spine and reduce tension in the muscles, which can help alleviate migraine symptoms. By manipulating the upper neck and spinal joints, chiropractors can also help reduce neck pain, which is a common trigger for migraines.

The best chronic migraine treatment will depend on the individual’s medical history, symptoms, and preferences. Preventive medications, non-pharmacological treatments, lifestyle modifications and chiropractic care have all been known to help treat chronic migraines.

Medication overuse headache (MOH) is a type of headache that can occur when pain relievers are overused or taken too frequently. MOH can occur with both over-the-counter and prescription medications and can be challenging to treat. The best way to prevent MOH is to limit the use of pain relievers and to work with a healthcare professional to develop a comprehensive treatment plan.

Chronic migraines and chronic headaches are both types of headache disorders, but they differ in their symptoms and frequency. Chronic migraines are defined as headaches that occur on 15 or more days per month and last for at least 4 hours per day. Chronic headaches occur on 15 or more days per month but do not meet the criteria for migraines.

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