Dr. Loretta Kelly

Dr. Loretta Kelly

Dr Loretta Kelly holds a special interest in supporting and promoting a healthy nervous system for individuals of all ages, throughout their entire lifetime.

Dr Loretta graduated with Distinction from RMIT University completing a double degree in Bachelor of Health Science and Bachelor of Applied Science (Chiropractic). With a particular passion for women’s health, Loretta has been greatly motivated to further explore and develop her skills in pregnancy Chiropractic and paediatric care.

Living a healthy and balanced lifestyle of her own, Loretta enjoys staying fit and active with her local community Run Club, entering a number of half marathons, along with enjoying the benefits of working out at the gym when not in clinic.

Growing up in rural South East Queensland, Dr Loretta was first exposed to Chiropractic during her high school work experience. She then quickly found herself inspired to pursue a career that offers natural and non-invasive care to all family members. Chiropractic allowed her to see first-hand how our innate potential can be reached when optimal function of the whole body is restored and nurtured. Dr Loretta has a strong commitment to her patients, to educate and empower them to take better control of their own health journey.

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