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Should I Use Posture Correcting Devices & Braces?

Last updated on March 23, 2023

This is a tough question, reason being there are some circumstances they are recommended and useful. However, reliance on these devices is not recommended for the long term and you should absolutely consult your healthcare practitioner to see if it is necessary for YOU. 

Before we go into the pros and cons of devices, let’s quickly visit the difference between good and bad posture.

Good Posture

  • Front on we want to see symmetry between the left and the right side of the body. 
  • When we look at the side view, we want to see the ear, shoulder, hip, knee, and ankle all stacked nicely in a line. – this is good posture! Any variation is poor posture.

Bad Posture

  • Any variation to the above guidelines for “good posture”
  • Common signs of poor posture include: forward head posture, rounded shoulders, hunchback, protruding tummy or bottom, un-leveling front on.

Please see the diagram to explain this further.

Posture Types

When Are Posture Correcting Devices Recommended?

In the short term, these can be useful for people experiencing symptoms that are very limiting and affect their daily needs (such as work capabilities). Now, how do you know if your symptoms are from poor posture? GET ASSESSED BY A PROFESSIONAL. 

If the posture correcting device is recommended for you, generally they will be prescribed for a short period of time in the day, such as work hours to ensure you can get through the day. After this period the brace should not be worn and relied upon. 

When Should Posture Correcting Devices Be Avoided?

Simply put, when you use these devices, the muscles that SHOULD be doing the task for you become more incapable and weaken even more. 

While the device helps you get through the day, addressing the cause of the postural issues becomes infinitely important so that your condition does not become worse as time goes on.

Other Ways To Address Postural Concerns

  • Get assessed by a chiropractor to ensure your spinal health isn’t contributing to the issue. 
  • Work on strengthening specific muscles that are weak (this is where being assessed is important, so you know exactly which muscles and exercises are relevant to your case)
  • Use a posture pole. A posture pole is a fantastic tool to help stretch out the muscles at the front of the body as well as reduce tension on the mid back, bring the head positioning back to a good position. In addition to this, it actually helps to unwind the nervous system and dampen the body’s stress response.

If you are looking for a sign to get your posture assessed by a professional or help with your postural concerns – THIS IS IT! 

Our chiropractors are assisting people with all types of postural concerns each and every day, with GREAT success. Give the clinic a call to find out how we can help you!

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