When Should I Be Worried About Low Back Pain

When Should I Be Worried About Low Back Pain?

Last updated on March 15, 2023

When should I worry about low back pain? The answer is in the question. Pain is a very important signal telling you something is wrong. Think of it like a smoke alarm in a house. If the smoke alarm was going off in your house would you simply take the batteries out? The unfortunate reality is that most people do just that when it comes to the signals their body is sending to them. So very small things have time to build up and become very big problems over time. So if you’re experiencing pain, more than transient discomfort from inactivity you should have it checked out by a qualified Chiropractor.

Now there are certain times that it is absolutely necessary to check it out as it may be a medical emergency.

  1. A sharp pain rather than a dull ache
  2. Radiating pain- down the leg or arm is most common
  3. Weakness in and arm, leg, or hand
  4. Loss of bowel or bladder function
  5. Numbness or pins and needles

It is very important to rule out severe medical emergencies quickly.

Most back pain is caused by poor posture, spinal degeneration, deconditioned stabilizing muscles, and restricted mobility. These conditions respond well to Chiropractic care and if identified early and corrected can slow down, prevent, or in some cases reverse the underlying cause of the pain.

See our post on why treating and preventing back pain is so important.

So if you’re experiencing back pain, don’t take the batteries out of your fire alarm, check and see if your house is on fire.

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