Stop Headaches and Relieve Your Neck Pain!

Last updated on February 28, 2023

Headaches are not only annoying, frustrating and make you very irritable. But, they can be one of the most debilitating things anyone can experience. 

Do you feel like you have to be isolated, alone and have to lock yourself in a dark room with eyes closed playing the waiting game as to when the pain will ease off. Your head feels like it has a tight band forcefully wrapping around your head and unrelenting stabbing pain in your temporal bones and wondering and not knowing when those headaches will disappear. So you constantly run to the medicine drawer in your house and swallow the most potent pain killers and hope they kick in ASAP so your headache nightmare will just end??

Does this sound familiar?

You would agree that this is no way to live and I’m here to let you know it doesn’t have to be this way. Having Headaches isn’t normal, no matter how minor they are. But when left out of control, they can become so prevalent and scary that just the thought of anticipation that one is coming on can leave you jittery and anxious.

So if this is you, it is time to re-think headaches and start doing something different.

First, Lets understand what some of the most common headaches are:

Migraine headache:

Migraine’s are a type of headache that has a severe pulsating sensation and throbbing usually on one side of the head and has accompanied with sensitivity to light

Tension headache:

A tension headache is a headache that you feel a tight band wrapped around your head. Increased pressure in temporals, eyes and the forehead.

Cervicogenic headache:

A cervicogenic headache is pain that is referred from the soft tissues in your neck, including muscle and tendons. Most commonly into the base of the neck but can refer into the eyes.

What can you do about your headaches?

There are many things you can do to help relieve headaches. Drinking enough fluids throughout the day, stretching and reducing the stress on your body. 


But most times headaches are a symptom caused from Neck dysfunction due to the spine. 

Which is why chiropractors are a great source for ongoing treatment and resolution of your headaches.


Chiropractors at Ripple Chiropractic will do a thorough analysis of your neck, including posture check, range of movement, nerve testing and checking for spinal joint dysfunction (subluxations) to find out exactly the root cause of your issue but also provide a precise tailored plan to help resolve your headaches so you never have to suffer one again. 


Call our team at Ripple Chiropractic today for your headache consultation.

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